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What is the NDIS? Qualified Support Services in Darwin

Amazing Grace Community Services is a registered provider of NDIS services, aiming to advocate for and amplify the voices of our clients. We have been providing customised and reliable disability services for five years, and through NDIS support our clients are thriving and working towards living independently. Our team are driven to support and inform you every step of the way through the process.

What Does the NDIS Do?

The NDIS or the National Disability Insurance Scheme is a nation-wide body that provides funding for people with disability. Funding through the NDIS is aimed at supporting clients’ independence, dignity, and individuality in their daily lives. NDIS Services are delivered through registered providers, who liaise with and advocate for clients and their care networks. NDIS Support connects clients with community services including doctors, supported independent living, employment opportunities, and social clubs. It allows people with disability to be able to spend more time with family and friends, whilst gaining important employment and volunteering skills. Through NDIS plan management, clients can gain confidence and develop crucial self-advocacy skills.

Roles and Responsibilities

NDIS services are overseen by a body known as the NDIA or National Disability Insurance Agency. They determine eligibility criteria for NDIS support including daily care, transport, therapeutic care, supported independent living and housing solutions. Criteria is established by legislation that sets out what support services are reasonable and necessary for them to fund. As a registered provider, Amazing Grace services means that we coordinate NDIS Services through NDIS plan management and client advocacy.

Support for People with Disability

If you are eligible to become a NDIS participant, there are many support services available for your needs. NDIS support and funding includes employment, education, social participation, supported independent living arrangements and, most importantly, your health and wellbeing. These are what’s known as reasonable and necessary supports, aimed at helping you to pursue goals, aspirations, independence and social participation.

NDIS services provide reliable support and stability for people with disability. As a registered provider, Amazing Grace Community Services advocates for clients and their unique needs. Visit our website to learn more about how we can support you or contact us online today.

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