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What is Individualised Living Options?

An individualised living option (ILO NDIS) is support to live the way that suits you. It is funding to help you make choices about where you live, who you live with and how you want to be supported.


First, we provide funding to design your supports, and then to implement and maintain your supports.

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Build your independence

This support is designed to give you a sense of home and belonging, and to build independence. You’ll decide who you live with, and how they, and other supports including family, friends and other networks, support you.


It can include things like personal care, support to build your skills, or support with household tasks like cooking, cleaning or doing your washing.

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Informal supports like family, friends and other networks can complement your paid supports. Individualised living option supports are developed by you, with assistance if you need it. 

Individualised living option supports don’t include support for activities outside your home, such as work or study, playing sport or going out. If you need support for these activities, we’ll include it in other parts of your plan. You may also need separate support for other home and living supports like home modifications.

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What support could your individualised living option include?

  • Support to make decisions like where you want to live and supports you need to make that happen


  • Personal care


  • Support to set up and manage your own home


  • Support to build your independence


  • Support to build and maintain connection with others


  • Support with making day to day decisions


  • Support to manage your emotions or behaviour


  • Unpaid informal supports like neighbours or carers who help you on a regular basis


  • People who you call to help you when you need it (on-call)


  • Training for the people who support you

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