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Your Home Away From Home
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What is Short Term Accommodation or NDIS Respite?

Our NDIS Short Term Accommodation properties are a home away from home for people with a disability!


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) states that Short Term Accommodation (or STA), also known as respite (or NDIS Respite), is funding for support and accommodation for a short time away from your usual home.


It covers the cost of your care in another place for up to 14 days at a time. You might have a short stay with other people, or by yourself.

Promoting your wellbeing and positive mental health

The goal of this support is to promote the wellbeing and positive mental health of you and your main carer by allowing them to spend some mutually beneficial time apart and enjoy some quality recreation or relaxation respite.

You can take a guided tour of our houses before confirming your stay. 

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What is NDIS Respite or STA for?

Sometimes a short stay away from home can:

Help you to relax and enjoy recreational activities


Meet new people and make new friends


Try out new things and activities


Experience new scenery


Get you out of your comfort zone


Develop a greater sense of independence

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