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How Does Supported Independent Living Help Me in Darwin?

Having comfortable and stable accommodation is crucial to a person’s sense of identity and independence. At Amazing Grace in Darwin, a key factor in advocating for our clients is providing supported independent living arrangements or SIL. We strive to assist our clients through their NDIS plan management, listen to their needs and help them achieve their goals.

Dependable NDIS Supported Independent Living

People with disability and higher support needs greatly benefit from SIL accommodation. With NDIS support, participants can access home assistance with daily tasks, such as personal care and cooking to overnight support, seven days a week. NDIS support is aimed at allowing participants more control and choice in their lives, and SIL accommodation is just one of the many empowering options for you.

Key Benefits of Supported Independent Living

NDIS support grants funding to provide around the clock care in your space, on your terms.

  • Independence: moving into your own space allows you to feel stable and motivated. Not only does it improve confidence, but it gives you the freedom to make decisions about your own life. Independence doesn’t mean you’ll be without support; through your NDIS plant, our friendly and trained staff are available to provide for you whenever you need.

  • Opportunity: a change in where your life is exciting; it can mean a world of choice and opportunity. Take a moment to think about what’s important to you; whether it be making new friends, attending social activities, or simply having your own space, supported independent living can help you achieve your long-term goals.

Supported Independent Living Accommodation

At Amazing Grace Community Services, we provide a range of supported independent living accommodation options. After years of seeing firsthand the demand for high quality homes, Amazing Graces established properties that are designed to support those who need it most. Our properties come with support staff and vehicles helping you meet your individual needs, social activities, work and personal commitments. Our properties are clean, well furnished and equipped with the utilities and essentials you need. We pride ourselves on providing for our clients and helping you develop and maintain an independent lifestyle.

The team at Amazing Grace Community Services help clients to achieve their goals through SIL accommodation and NDIS Plan Management. Call us on 08 8932 9246 or contact us online today.

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