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How Long Can I Stay at NDIS Accommodation in Darwin?

Depending on your circumstances, NDIS housing can be a great way to establish your independence. There are many guidelines around home and living with the NDIS and, at Amazing Grace, our job is to navigate them with you and advocate for you. Here, we explore the different options available to you and how long you can stay at each one. If you still need guidance, feel free to contact our team.

Guidelines for NDIS Housing

Between NDIS Short term accommodation, medium-term accommodation, and NDIS respite, it can be difficult understanding the exact guidelines around these arrangements. Home and living with the NDIS depends on your circumstances and which options you’re eligible for.

  • NDIS Short Term Accommodation (including NDIS Respite): When you need to live away from home for a short period of time, short term and respite accommodation is funded by the NDIS. Aimed at giving both you and your care network a break from each other, you can stay in NDIS respite and short-term arrangements for up to fourteen days at a time. Twenty-eight days of NDIS short term accommodation is funded per year.

  • Medium Term Accommodation: Generally, medium term accommodation is funded for when you require a living arrangement whilst waiting to move into your longer-term living solution. You can stay up to ninety days in medium-term accommodation. These living solutions don’t cover day-to-day living costs, however, as it is usually funded as a one-off support.

  • Supported Independent Living: Supported independent living (SIL) is a long-term housing solution, meaning the NDIS housing and support included are available to you for as long as you need them. Included support services can be seven days a week, ranging from eight hours a day up to twenty-four hours, helping you feel encouraged and stable within your home.

If you need help deciding which is right for you, Amazing Grace can offer guidance. Contact our team today. We’re happy to help.

What Will These Guidelines Mean for Me?

As a NDIS participant, the guidelines around living arrangements will mean different things. They determine how long you can access said living options and what other supports they cover during your stay. Amazing Grace Community Services is dedicated to ensuring you understand your options and are assisted in receiving your ideal living solution, catered to your lived experience. Home and living with the NDIS helps clients to have choice and self-control; allowing you to advocate for yourself and find your own space.

NDIS Housing services are easier to navigate with Amazing Grace Community Services. Call us on 08 8932 9246.

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