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Plan for Respite With NDIS Housing in Darwin: A Family Guide

One of the most important aspects of the NDIS is the accommodation and housing assistance it offers families living supporting someone with a disability. The team at Amazing Grace Community Services can help people living with a disability access respite for their families. In this article, we provide a guide to respite for families with independent living options (ILO) through the NDIS in Darwin. Contact our friendly team today to learn more.

What is ILO? Short-term accommodation and NDIS Respite?

Individualised Living Options with NDIS housing in Darwin provide support to people living with a disability in living the way they want to. This funding helps people decide where their SIL accommodation in Darwin is located, who they live with and how they want to be supported. This process begins with funding for the type of support the person needs, followed by a plan to maintain it. NDIS short-term accommodation aims to provide a sense of home and belonging and to foster independence. The participant can decide who they live with and how they receive their support.

What Does NDIS Respite Include?

We provide personal care and support to people living with special needs who are searching for a home and living with NDIS. The participant can develop their own individualised living options and have informal support, such as family and friends. SIL accommodation in Darwin can help a person with special needs develop important independence skills while providing respite for their families.

What Support Could Your ILO or SIL Include?

For a person living with a disability who is searching for a home to live in with NDIS, there are a range of different support options available, such as:

  • Deciding where they want to live through NDIS short-term accommodation and what they need to make this happen

  • Personal care

  • Setting up and managing their own home – with support

  • Building independence

  • Building and maintaining a connection with other people also living in NDIS housing in Darwin

  • Making day-to-day decisions

  • Managing emotions and behaviour

  • Unpaid informal support, such as neighbours or carers who help regularly

  • On-call carers

  • Training for the people who support them

Learn more about NDIS Respite from the expert team at Amazing Grace today. Contact our friendly staff today.

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