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Support Worker Roles: Supported Independent Living in Darwin

Support workers are essential to supported independent living (SIL) because they assist people living with special needs. The friendly team at Amazing Grace Community Services works with people to guide them in learning new skills and understanding their rights. In this article, we outline our support workers' role in helping people with special needs to live independently. Contact us today to learn how you can benefit from the NDIS.

Support Workers and SIL in the NDIS in Darwin

Our passionate team performs a variety of roles that aim to promote independent living by providing guidance and supervision.

Personal Care Tasks

Our team provides supported independent living in Darwin by supervising and assisting with personal care tasks. These can include:

  • Basic hygiene routines, such as brushing teeth, showering and washing clothes

  • Toileting, bladder and bowel movement and menstrual care

  • Healthy eating and drinking

  • House cleaning

Meal Preparation and Cooking

An important part of SIL in the NDIS in Darwin is the ability of people living with special needs to prepare and cook their meals. We provide support that empowers individuals to increase their capacity for preparing and cooking their meals.

Social Skills and ILO in the NDIS

One of the major benefits of supported independent living options (ILO) for people living with a disability is how it promotes social skills through shared living options. ILO in the NDIS promotes shared living, which is essential for social skills, growth and development.

Support With Supervision, Personal Safety and Security

Our team provides the comfort of supervision to ensure people living with special needs feel safe in their homes.

Medical Support

Our team will have full knowledge of any medications people living with special needs may require and will help provide and administer these. We will also provide transport to and from medical appointments.

Support to Complete Personal Tasks

We provide support in completing personal tasks and providing transport to occupation, education, recreation or exercise activities.

Support workers play a vital role in working with people with special needs. The team at Amazing Grace Community Services in Darwin provides essential supported independent living through the NDIS, so contact us online today.

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