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Understanding NDIS Services in Darwin for Beginners

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is one of the most important legislation in Australian history. The team at Amazing Grace Community Services provides NDIS support services to people in the Northern Territory, Western Australia and South Australia. In this article, we explain who we are, outline what the NDIS is and discuss how we can help you. Contact Amazing Grace Community Services in the Northern Territory and speak with one of our friendly team members today.

Who Are Amazing Grace Community Services?

We assist people living with disabilities in their search for accommodation and NDIS services in Darwin. Since 2018, our team has provided empathetic and respectful support to the unique requirements of people living with special needs. Our team has the experience and training to work in individual support and community services, with ongoing learning and development providing NDIS services in Darwin.

What is the NDIS in the NT?

As an NDIS provider in Darwin, we aim to work with people with special needs and identify the areas where they need support to achieve a good quality of life. Some of the areas we provide NDIS support in Darwin include:

  • Living independently

  • Getting involved with your community

  • Maintaining good health and well-being

  • Finding short-term and medium-term accommodation

The NDIS in the NT gives you independence and control over how and when you receive support. Our friendly team will work with you to ensure you continue to receive the support you need throughout your life. NDIS support in Darwin also focuses on providing early intervention to minimise the impact a disability can have on your child.

Do You Only Provide NDIS Services in the NT?

We are not just an NDIS provider in Darwin but also offer support to people living in Western Australia and South Australia. Amazing Grace Community Services works closely with stakeholders across the three states to ensure there is a smooth and organised transition into supported independent living.

If you need support with assisted living under the NDIS scheme, the team at Amazing Grace Community Services in Darwin can help. Call one of our friendly team members today or contact us online.

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