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Understanding Supported Independent Living in Darwin and Beyond

For individuals seeking comprehensive and tailored support in Darwin, Broome, Adelaide and Kununurra, Amazing Grace Community Services offers professional assistance. Specialising in supported independent living (SIL), as well as other aspects of NDIS including medium and short-term accommodation and respite services, we offer essential services that grant access to 24-hour in-home care, ensuring individuals with higher support needs can lead fulfilling lives.

SIL NDIS Darwin, Broome, Adelaide and Kununurra

Supported Independent Living (SIL) through the NDIS is a key focus for those seeking comprehensive and continuous assistance. At Amazing Grace Community Services, we recognise the part SIL NDIS in Darwin plays in facilitating an independent lifestyle while receiving necessary support. Our SIL options, available in Darwin, Palmerston and neighbouring rural areas, aim to cater to diverse needs and preferences.

Our Commitment to Empowering People

Supported Independent Living involves personalised assistance with daily tasks, such as personal care and meal preparation. It empowers individuals to live as independently as possible while enhancing your skills. As a provider of Supported Independent Living in Darwin, we prioritise individual choice and control throughout the process, enabling participants to decide where you want to live, who you want to live with and who will provide support.

Flexibility in Living Arrangements

Our SIL houses, situated across various locations, offer flexibility in living arrangements. Whether participants choose to live with familiar faces or opt for new connections, our SIL houses accommodate different support ratios, including 1:1, 2:1, 1:2, or 1:3, ensuring that you receive the level of support that suits your unique needs. All options (subject to your NDIS funding) guarantee 24-hour assistance, providing a secure and supportive environment.

Individual Living Options – ILO NDIS

While Supported Independent Living is an ideal option for those living or planning to live with other NDIS participants, ILO may be better for those who choose to live independently. The flexibility and inclusivity of ILO aligns with the principles of choice and control, ensuring that you can shape your living arrangements according to your preferences and whether ILO NDIS works for you, subject to your NDIS funding.

Call Amazing Grace Community Services for ILO NDIS Support

Are you looking to access Supported Living Services in Darwin, or wider NT, WA or SA? Get ILO NDIS support with Amazing Grace Community Services. Call 08 8932 9246 or contact us online with all of your questions. Get started today!

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