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Understanding the Basics of NDIS Housing in Darwin

NDIS housing is an excellent way of providing those in need of care with the ability to live independently. If you live in Darwin, Amazing Grace Community Services can help you discover the wide range of NDIS services you may benefit from. In this article, we discuss our 24-hour care, explore our range of SIL NDIS services, explain short-term accommodation and respite and outline individualised living options. Contact us today to speak with one of our friendly team members.

24-Hour Care With Home and Living on NDIS

We provide many services that help our clients live independently through NDIS housing in Darwin, such as through supervising daily tasks. Our highly trained team provides these services 24 hours a day.

Our Services

Our team provides a wide range of support services for home and living on NDIS, such as:

  • Help with personal care tasks, such as hygiene or cleaning

  • Help to build skills, such as meal preparation and cooking and developing a routine

  • Help to action behaviour support plans

  • Help to develop social skills

  • Support through supervision, personal safety and security

  • Supporting access to medication

  • Help with meeting medical appointments

  • Supporting community access that isn’t routine or regular, such as personal tasks

  • Support getting between community access activities, such as visiting family or friends

Short-Term Accommodation or NDIS Respite

We offer short-term accommodation properties that can provide a home away from home for people living with a disability. NDIS respite is funding for support and accommodation for a brief stay away from a client's usual home. This covers the costs of your care for up to 14 days, where you will live either by yourself or with other people on the scheme.

Individualised Living Options Through NDIS Housing in Darwin

Individualised living options are an effective method of supporting someone with a disability to live the way they want to. This funding helps you decide where you want to live, who you want to live with and who will support you. We provide funding to design your support network and then we implement this funding and maintain your support for as long as you need it.

To discover the benefits of NDIS SIL, the team at Amazing Grace Community Services in Darwin can help you through the process. Contact us online today or call us on 8932 9246.

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