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What Accommodation Options Does the NDIS Fund in Darwin?

Introducing more freedom and stability into your life, starts with establishing your independence in your living space. The good news is that the NDIS funds several housing options, with both short term and longer-term arrangements. Funded NDIS housing at Amazing Grace is accessible, customised and clean; from NDIS short term accommodation to longer term solutions, we strive to provide housing for all individual needs.

Independent NDIS Funded Accommodation Options

NDIS housing is available to those seeking a greater sense of freedom in their lives. What’s important is working out which option is right for you. Determining eligibility comes down to a range of factors, including your level of support needed, your care network and, of course, your NDIS goals.

  • Individualised Living Options (ILO): This option funded through the NDIS is great if you require day-to-day assistance. Individualised Living Options allow you to continue living independently whilst designing a support package tailored to your needs, allowing you access whenever you need them.

  • Supported Independent Living (SIL): Supported Independent Living is funded for those who require around-the-clock care. These group home arrangements are aimed at providing support, care assistance and socialisation in a comfortable, community-driven environment.

  • Specialised Disability Accommodation (SDA): SDA is an individually designed living space to house you whilst providing support for disability. Modifications available can include lowered cabinets, modified bathrooms or wider doorways; all designed to allow you to live comfortably. Participants accessing SDA can also utilise supported independent living arrangements and medium term accommodation while waiting for their SDA property to be ready.

  • NDIS Short-Term Accommodation and NDIS Respite: NDIS funding provides short term and respite arrangements for care breaks or when it isn’t possible to move into longer-term housing straight away. NDIS respite and NDIS short-term accommodation offers up to twenty-eight funded days per year to cover your stay during these times. NDIS short-term accommodation is also a great way for both you and your care network to take breaks from normal routine.

Accommodation at Amazing Grace

Supported Independent Living advocates for and assists people with disability. Amazing Grace houses multiple properties that offer a range of packages for your individual needs. Amazing Grace Community Services achieves real outcomes for our clients, from Supported Independent Living to NDIS Respite arrangements; we care about our clients and their care networks.

Let Amazing Grace advocate for you. Visit our website today.

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